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Fields of application

Biogenesis is a company specialized in fire prevention and protection: it provides 360° services, products and solutions in the field of safety and fire prevention. Discover the solutions that best suit your needs, a wide range of products is available to satisfy every type of application.

Residential buildings

Inside a home, the risk of a fire spreading is always lurking. Faulty electrical systems, low quality appliances, stove fires etc. We offer a wide range of fire protection products and solutions to suit your needs.

Hotels and Restaurants

In these environments it is essential that fire protection is carried out not only with prevention rules, but also with the correct supply of equipment and devices capable of promptly extinguishing the flames that can flare up at any time.


A hospital, at any moment, is full of people, patients and medical staff. In a fire situation, oxygen tanks, gas, bandages, linens and medicines on the hospital premises feed the fire, pushing it out of control.

Server rooms

With so many computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems, in one location, the possibilities of fire are very real. And the slightest problem could lead to the loss of large amounts of data and operational disruption.

Offshore platforms

Fire poses a significant risk aboard offshore drilling platforms and platform support vessels. The nature of the equipment and its thermal characteristics can easily transform malfunctions into fires which can be life threatening.

Naval and military industry

Imagine a fire developing on a ship in the middle of the ocean: the impact would be potentially catastrophic. For military vehicles, uncontrolled fire is one of the greatest threats to life and property. In this context it is necessary to have safe and reliable fire fighting equipment.

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Biogenesis Srl

Biogenesis is a company specialized in fire prevention and protection: it provides 360° services, products and solutions in the field of safety and fire prevention. A unique reality for products, solutions and services in the field of safety and fire prevention.

Fire suppression system

We offer turnkey solutions for fire protection, designed supplied and installed complete and immediately operational.

Fire maintenance

Biogenesis guarantees a global assistance service that aims to respond to all customer needs.

Door Fan Test

Biogenesis performs the door fan test in compliance with all current regulations.

Certified quality

All of our products comply with the highest quality standards.

Fire extinguishers

Biogenesis offers a complete range of approved portable and wheeled fire extinguishers for any type of application.

Halon and F-GAS bank

Biogenesis, world leader in the fire-fighting sector, is also an “authorised halon and FGAS collection centre”.

Specialised personnel

Biogenesis personnel is highly qualified for any type of firefighting intervention.

24/7 support

Our technicians are always ready to face any fire-fighting requirement.