Biogenesis is a company that believes in the importance of development and research in the fire-fighting sector, to offer its customers innovative and cutting-edge solutions. We have an internal laboratory, where a team of experts designs, tests and certifies its products, services and solutions, in compliance with international regulations and standards.

Biogenesis offers a wide range of firefighting solutions, which use different extinguishing agents, such as water, gas and foam. It also designs and installs detection, signaling and alarm systems, which assist emergency teams in fighting fires.

Biogenesis is able to provide customized solutions for every type of need, both for the civil and industrial sectors. Particular attention is paid to the fire protection of cultural heritage, participating in research projects for the protection of artistic and cultural heritage in Italy and in Europe.

Biogenesis partners with public and private authorities for the certification, verification and innovation of its fire protection systems. We use advanced technologies to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety of our fire-fighting systems.

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