Fire extinguishers are the most commonly used first aid fire extinguishers to control the principles of fire. Their maintenance is mandatory by law and must be carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with current regulations.

Why choose our fire extinguisher maintenance service?

Biogenesis is a company specialized in the maintenance of fire protection devices, with many years of experience in the sector.
We offer a fast, professional and personalized service, based on the needs of our customers.
We carry out all the interventions required by the UNI 9994-1:2003 standard, including initial inspection, surveillance, periodic inspection, scheduled overhaul, testing and extraordinary maintenance.
We provide the updated and legally compliant maintenance card, with all the data relating to the fire extinguisher and the interventions carried out.
We guarantee the maximum safety and reliability of the fire extinguishers, checking their state of charge, the internal pressure, the absence of corrosion and damage.
We have a large warehouse of original spare parts and new fire extinguishers of various types (powder, CO2, foam, water).


    Rely on Biogenesis for a 360° fire extinguisher maintenance

    Initial check

    Check that the fire extinguisher complies with current legislation, that it does not show signs of corrosion or damage, that it has a tag and maintenance booklet and that it is easily accessible and visible.


    It is carried out once a month by the personnel in charge and consists of checking the presence, signaling, installation and condition of the fire extinguisher, including the pressure gauge if present.

    Periodic check

    It is carried out every six months by technical personnel and consists of checking the weight, pressure, charge and functioning of the fire extinguisher, as well as cleaning and lubricating the moving parts and filling in the maintenance sheet.

    Scheduled review

    It is carried out every two years for powder extinguishers and every five years for water, foam and CO2 extinguishers. It consists of replacing the extinguishing agent, gaskets and parts subject to wear, as well as checking the condition of the tank and valves.


    It is carried out every ten years for powder extinguishers and every twenty years for water, foam and CO2 extinguishers. It consists of subjecting the tank to a hydrostatic pressure test to verify its resistance and integrity.

    Extra maintenance

    It is carried out in the event of anomalies or damage to the fire extinguisher that compromise its efficiency or safety.