Fire maintenance, required by law, is the set of operations and interventions aimed at keeping the plants, equipment and other fire safety systems present in an activity or building efficient and in good condition. Biogenesis offers a complete fire maintenance service to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment in the event of a fire.

Who must to perform fire maintenance?

Fire-fighting maintenance must be performed by qualified maintenance technicians, in possession of all the technical-professional requisites required by current legislation. The Decree of 1 September 2021 establishes the general criteria for the control and maintenance of plants, equipment and other fire safety systems.

The Decree provides that maintenance technicians must undergo a training course provided by qualified trainers and undergo a final assessment by the National Fire Brigade. Furthermore, each company operating in the fire-fighting sector must appoint a technical manager, who holds the technical-professional requirements set forth in art. 4 of the Decree n. 37 of 01/22/2008.


    Rely on Biogenesis for a 360° fire maintenance

    Systems maintenance

    We perform maintenance on all types of fire extinguishing systems: foam, gas, water, etc.

    Fire extinguisher maintenance

    We perform maintenance on all types of fire extinguishers: foam, gas, water, etc.

    Fire door maintenance

    Verify the correct work, integrity and conformity of fire doors and their components.

    Fire detection maintenance

    Indispensable to ensure that fire systems react in a timely manner, thus avoiding disastrous situations.

    Door Fan Test

    Mandatory following the installation of saturation fire-fighting systems, such as inert gas and chemical gas systems

    Periodic check of cylinders

    Hydrostatic testing and periodic maintenance of fire fighting cylinders to TPED, UKAS and DOT standards.